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Flying Wall Downloads

Some texts about "Sign the Wall", "Flying Wall", the PANORAMAPUNKT in general and about the Exhibition "VIEWS OF BERLIN at Potsdamer Platz"

Press release: “Sign the Wall” event

Detailed information on the “Sign the Wall” event
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Press information: PANORAMAPUNKT

General information on PANORAMAPUNKT
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Press release: “VIEWS OF BERLIN at Potsdamer Platz”

Information on the Exhibition “VIEWS OF BERLIN at Potsdamer Platz”
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"Flying Wall" - the movie

A short movie about the event (as a zipped FLV-File)
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Pictures: "flying Wall" event

The flying wall...

A selection of pictures showing the flying wall
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The wall between Kolhoff- and DB-Tower

Photographer: Carsten Lehmann
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The civil-rights activist Joachim Hauck signing the Wall

A selection of Pictures showing Joachim Gauck signing the wall and holding an inaugural address
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The opening of the exhibition "Views of Berlin - at Potsdamer Platz"

A selection of Pictures showing the opening of the exhibition
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Pictures: "Sign the Wall" event

Here you will find recent pictures of »Sign the Wall« and »Flying Wall«

Pictures of »Sign the Wall«

A selection of pictures from the first day of "Sign the Wall" on Tuesday, the 13th of July, 2010
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