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"Views of Berlin"

A reflection of German history

Immerse yourself in history, explore the past, marvel at the numerous transformations of Potsdamer Platz – all this and more awaits you at our open-air exhibition on the 24th floor.

Did you know that Potsdam Gate – which was once the entrance to Potsdamer Platz – was the most important of the 14 city gates in the old city wall?

No other city square in the world has undergone as many transformations as Potsdamer Platz: from a quiet green to the pulsing heart of a major city, from the height of luxury to a field of rubble, from a no man’s land to the new heart of Berlin. In no other place have joy and sorrow been so closely intertwined.

The tour on the viewing platform will lead you around the tower on two floors and give you a unique look at the past and the present at the same time. On your left, a stunning view of modern-day Berlin is spread before you, and on your right, illuminated display panels take you through the eventful history of Potsdamer Platz. An exciting round tour shares some of the many different stories involving this legendary square.

We invite you to discover the fascinating history of one of the most significant squares in the world.


The catalogue of the exhibition

The catalogue of the exhibition - with all the exhibition content and exciting additional information. For just €12,50 you can purchase one exemplar of the high-quality printed catalog at the cash desk of PANORAMAPUNKT.

If you would like to purchase 3 or more catalogues, you can order it directly here with stating your name and address (plus € 4,50 postage). If you´re interested, don´t hesitate to write us an email.