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The Kollhoff-Tower stands on the northern edge of the Potsdamer Platz district. The building bears the name of Berlin architect Hans Kollhoff, a member of the international team of architects, headed by Renzo Piano, who designed the 19 buildings for the new Potsdamer Platz district.

After four years of construction, the Kollhoff-Tower was completed in 1999. Soaring 25 storeys high, the building creates a dynamic interaction between height and volume as its step-like façade tapers to a slender peak. The roofs of the broad lower wings of the building are covered with grass.

The ground floor was designed as a colonnade and houses a number of restaurants and shops. The upper floors are used for office space. The crowning glory of the tower is the PANORAMAPUNKT on the 24th and 25th floors, offering visitors an open-air viewing platform, an exhibition of the history of the area and a café.
The tower is clad in dark peat-fired brinks, which stand out clearly from the rest of the buildings and provide a stylistic counterpoint to the geometric glass façades of the adjacent high-rises designed by Renzo Piano and Helmut Jahn. Together, the three buildings form a striking architectural ensemble at Potsdamer Platz.

With its granite walls and terrazzo floors, the foyer resonates with beauty and elegance.